Share your experience.

If you have not been diagnosed with breast cancer, please move on to Step 2.

If you have had a previous diagnosis of breast cancer, please tell us about the side effects, or collateral damage, you have experienced in relation to your breast cancer treatment. You can select all that apply and tell us about them and any others in the space provided.

Lymphedema Sexual Dysfunction Depression/Anxiety
Fatigue Numbness Memory/Chemobrain
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How will my answers help?

Your answers will be used to develop a questionnaire to document the collateral damage of treatment for the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s ongoing Health of Women [HOW] Study.

Learn more about the Health of Women [HOW] Study.

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The HOW Study is a long-term cohort study in which participants are followed over time and are asked to complete periodic online questionnaires about their past and current health. The goals of the HOW Study are to identify risk factors for breast cancer as well as factors that can contribute to long-term survival. Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in HOW regardless of medical history, gender or geographic location.

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